Scrum Master

at Vaco Technology
Published September 3, 2022
Location Scottsdale, AZ
Category Default  
Job Type Full-time  


Vaco is on the hunt for a strong Scrum Master to join our client as they continue building out Agile/Scrum processes throughout the organization. We are looking for those that have been involved in setting up Scrum and Kanban processes. Our client is going through a major transformation and need those that understand the dedication and work it takes to build this out. The concept of doing it by the book and teaching it by the book is a key element to ensure proper processes are implemented and reinforced. If you are a certified Scrum Master with 2+ years of hands-on experience implementing agile processes, this is an amazing opportunity to enhance and build upon your knowledge-base. We are conducting interviews next week and would love to hear from you if interested!


  • Work onsite to interact, collaborate and coordinate work on a frequent basis with other employees in IT and throughout the organization.
  • Must have CSM certification and 2+ years of experience in acting Scrum Master position.
  • Must be hungry to learn; engaging; interactive. We want people who embrace cross-team interaction and communication. Someone who hides from conflict but embraces it and works through challenges.
  • Embrace Agile Core Values, adopt and apply Agile Principles, and implement Agile practices and support engagement of these values, principles, and practices by all team members; promote Agile quality practices by providing guidance to assist the teams in constantly improving the quality of their deliverables and meeting the Definition of Done (DoD).
  • Facilitate the forming of the Agile teams, including the operating norms of the team, built-in quality practices, Work in Process (WIP), and any other process rules the team has agreed on; ensure all team members adhere to established rules and processes.
  • Facilitate preparation and readiness for Agile Release Train (ART) events, including PI Planning, System Demos, and inspect and adapt.
  • Facilitate and continuously challenge the traditional norms of development to improve performance in the areas of quality, predictability, flow, and velocity and enable a team's progress toward team; ensure a team remains focused on daily and Iteration Goals in the context of current Program Increment (PI) Objectives.
  • Lead team efforts in relentless improvement and accountability for their actions; facilitate all team meetings, including (where applicable) Daily Stand-ups, Iteration Planning sessions, Iteration Reviews, and Iteration Retrospectives; actively address issues beyond a team's authority to ensure a team's continued focus on achieving. the objectives of the Iteration
  • Support Product Owner efforts to manage the backlog and guide a team while facilitating a healthy team dynamic with respect to priorities and scope.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Hunger to learn and outstanding communication are a must. We want doers who are comfortable with healthy conflict and improving process.
  • Experienced in both Scrum and Kanban environments.
  • Understanding of Agile software development methodologies, SDLC, values, and procedures
  • Able to work independently with limited supervision and with other department personnel in a very dynamic and timeline sensitive work environment
  • Able to elicit cooperation from a wide variety of sources, including upper management, clients, and other departments
  • Able to effectively apply scaling frameworks and methodologies
  • Strong communication, organization, problem solving and time management skills
  • Able to coach teams to reach their highest potential
  • Able to deal with multiple application/project teams and deadlines